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The Heritage Terrace Cafe is 13 years in the business in Australia, Penrith. Offering coffee and food along with some authentic specialties served in a refined setting by professionals who love what they do. Located in the 585 High St , Penrith, the friendly cafe is perfect for sharing good food and coffee ,choice of cakes and your stories.

The Heritage Terrace Cafe is a highly illustrated, contemporary recipe book, celebrating and reflecting on The Heritage, the successful Penrith cafe. The stunning Art Decor of Heritage defines modern style. The Splendid surroundings are complemented by the impeccable service and exceptional food.

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Opening Hour

Mon - Fri 7am to 5.30 pm
Saturday 7am to 5pm
Sunday 7am to 4pm
Thursday 7 am to 9 pm
(Breakfast to dinner)

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(02) 4721 8142